Enjoy the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy at Home.

In our retail area, we carry doTERRA essential oils, essential oil diffusers, a large variety of beautiful Himalayan salt lamps, artisanal soaps and bath bombs, lotions, local raw honey, Himalayan Salt Scrubs, Himalayan table salt, Himalayan bath salt, Plexus products, Sole kits and a variety of other items.


Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps trap indoor air pollutants such as allergens, mold, and bacteria. They balance positive and negative ions which reduces airborne infections as well as radiation. Salt lamps provide a wide array of health benefits and may also improve mood and promote sleep. The warm glow from the lamp is very calming and can lower stress and anxiety.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils can have many mentally, physically, and emotionally healing benefits and effects. These wonderful multi-purpose scents are made of concentrated plant components that provide an array of uses from cosmetic to spiritual and more. Our oils are made of high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils and their proper use can bring about many positive results. Essential oils can help purify your home, purify your life, and purify your spirit by enhancing your physical and mental well-being.

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