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It’s powerful halotherapy in a controlled environment.

Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, is a holistic method that reproduces the microclimate naturally found in salt caves by dispensing high concentrations of dry salt aerosol into a room.

Benefits of Halotherapy

Salt therapy has many healing benefits. When you visit Halotherapy of St. John and enter our salt cave, you’ll experience salt particles that waken your senses and clear out your system.

In the Salt Cave

The salt cave is the room where you’ll get healthy, get relaxed, and enjoy the experience. .Learn more about the room and what you can expect when you visit our salt cave.

In the Shop

In our retail area, we carry doTERRA essential oils, essential oil diffusers, a large variety of beautiful Himalayan salt lamps, organic and THC-free CBD oil and a variety of other items.

Halotherapy of St. John offers a natural approach for relieving these common ailments, respiratory issues, allergies, dermatitis problems, and other conditions right here in Northwest Indiana

◽ Allergies
◽ Snoring
◽ Sleep Apnea
◽ Acne
◽ Stress

◽ Cystic Fibrosis
◽ Atrophic Dermatitis
◽ Bronchitis
◽ Ear Infections
◽ Eczema
◽ Rhinitis

◽ Anxiety
◽ Immune Deficiencies
◽ Sinusitis
◽ Arthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
◽ Emphysema
◽ Psoriasis

What is Halotherapy?

Simply put, Halotherapy is sitting in a “salt room” where micronized salt is aerated throughout the room by a generator for a specified amount of time. It is thought by breathing this pharmaceutical grade salt, it would help those suffering from problems such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, arthritis, bronchitis, sinusitis, airborne/environmental allergies, congestion, headaches, and in some cases, successful lessoning of congestion in those suffering from cystic fibrosis. Those with psoriasis, eczema, and acne have had improvements of their symptoms by sitting in the salt room.

See what Dr. Oz has to say about the benefits of Salt Therapy

Salt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has been around for centuries. It has amazing powers and is being called the miracle mineral that heals. It’s natural and beneficial to many diseases and disorders.

Watch as Dr. Oz briefly goes through the process of what happens when you breathe salt into your body.

Video Credit: funfishful

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Halotherapy of St. John, Indiana is located in Northwest Indiana. Currently, there are just a few active salt caves operating in the United States. They are more common in Europe and Canada in part because insurance companies in those nations cover the treatment. Visit us today to feel the benefits. Get healthy, get relaxed, and enjoy the experience.

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