Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification

A 30 minute treatment in which your feet are placed in warm water in a basin with Himalayan salt and an electrified Array. The array and minerals ionize the H2O molecules, which cannot penetrate the thousands of pores on your feet, into a Hydrogen ion and an -OH (Hydroxyl) ion, which is small enough to enter the pores on your feet and into your circulatory and lymphatic system. The micro-charge in the ion is used by the body to re-open damaged cell membranes. Once inside the cell membrane, the negative charged ion can attach to acidic toxins (which have a positive charge) and expel them out of the cell, into the circulatory system and back out through the feet and/or elimination systems. When your detox session is completed, your body will continue to detox for at least 24-48 hours. By drinking water you will continue to flush out toxins. We have 2 Ionic Foot Detox machines, so you can come with a friend!

When cells are able to receive vital nutrients and eliminate toxins, they will repair themselves.

The good news is when your cells are healthy, you’re healthy!


Benefits of a Foot Detoxification include:

  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Clearer Skin
  • Quicker injury recovery
  • Increased Oxygen Levels
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Purify the blood and lymph
  • Increase peripheral circulation


The price for the Ionic Foot Detox is $35 per 30 minute session

Salt Cave and Foot Detox or Foot Detox and Infrared Sauna Combo is $55 (same day only)

Buy 4 Foot Detoxes at $35 per session, get 1 Free!

Buy 10 Foot Detoxes for only $250!

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