Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification

A 30 minute treatment in which your feet are placed in warm water in a basin with Himalayan salt and an electrified Array. The array and minerals ionize the H2O molecules, which cannot penetrate the thousands of pores on your feet, into an Oxygen molecule and an -OH (Hydroxyl) ion, which is small enough to enter the pores on your feet and into your circulatory and lymphatic system. The micro-charge in the ion is used by the body to re-open damaged cell membranes. Once inside the cell membrane, the negative charged ion can attach to acidic toxins (which have a positive charge) and expel them out of the cell, into the circulatory system and back out through the feet and/or elimination systems. When your detox session is completed, your body will continue to detox for at least 24-48 hours. By drinking water you will continue to flush out toxins. We have 2 Ionic Foot Detox machines, so you can come with a friend!

When cells are able to receive vital nutrients and eliminate toxins, they will repair themselves.

The good news is when your cells are healthy, you’re healthy!


Benefits of a Foot Detoxification include:

  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Clearer Skin
  • Quicker injury recovery
  • Increased Oxygen Levels
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Purify the blood and lymph
  • Increase peripheral circulation


The price for the Ionic Foot Detox is $35 per 30 minute session

Salt Cave and Foot Detox or Foot Detox and Infrared Sauna Combo is $55 (same day only)

Buy 4 Foot Detoxes at $35 per session, get 1 Free!

Buy 10 Foot Detoxes for only $250!

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