The Salt Cave

When you walk into the salt cave, you’ll experience a cooling air and a relaxing atmosphere.  Our room is filled with cool, calming, pure pink Himalayan healing salt on the walls and floor to provide the most beneficial results possible. Our zero-gravity chairs are comfortable, allowing you to sit back and relax while breathing in the healing Dry Salt Aerosol that floats around you. You’ll step into the room and see the beauty of Himalayan salt surrounding you. Sitting in our salt cave is similar to spending a day at the beach, breathing in the salty sea air. However, you’ll receive many more benefits than that. Our salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains and is the cleanest and purest form of salt you will experience. You’ll feel it under your feet, feel it cleanse your system, and feel the relaxation that encompasses your body.

We are an “Active” Salt Cave, which means that during the Sessions, we run a Halogenerator that takes Pharmaceutical grade salt, grinds it into micron-sized particles which are gently blown into the Salt Cave at a steady concentration. These salt particles enter the lungs and sinuses and start to break down mucous and pollutant build-up. Breathing in this air aids in clearing the lungs of mucus, bacteria and toxins, allowing your airways and sinuses to expand to help ease your breathing. More oxygen entering the blood stream allows for more cell regeneration and overall wellness.

You’ll hear the beautiful ambient music and feel the calming lights while breathing in the healing salt particles that are floating through the air. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


While in The Salt Cave

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scented lotions while in the cave to accommodate sensitive guests.
  • White, clean socks must be worn at all times.
  • No electronics are allowed in our cave. We want you to relax!
  • Please avoid entering or leaving the room during the 45 minutes session.
  • No food or drink is allowed inside the Salt Room.


What to Expect from your Session

After your first session, you may experience a dry throat and increased coughing. This is a natural part of the clearing process of the respiratory system. The pollution which has accumulated over time is being released by the salt and is then expelled from within the deepest regions of the lungs. Please understand that Salt Therapy should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment and that you should see a physician or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment of which you are aware. Salt Therapy should not be performed under certain medical conditions. Accurately state all known medical conditions and answer all questions before your sessions honestly. Please keep your practitioner updated as to any changes in your medical profile and understand that there shall be no liability on the practitioner’s part should you fail to do so.

A 45-minute session is $30.
Seniors 60 years and over are $25.
Infants and children under 10 are $10.
Children 11-15 are $15.

A group rate of 6-10 people are $20 a person for a session.
Gift certificates are available.

We have Pass specials!
Buy 4 sessions, get one FREE
10 sessions for $200

Visit us today to Enjoy the Experience

8241 Wicker Ave., St. John, Indiana 46373
(219) 365-cave (2283)